Firstly, I’m sorry it has been so long since we posted anything to the blog. It seems that the second year is much more hectic than any of us could have predicted. We have been on fieldwork to Prague, Snowdonia and Shropshire and have already had shed loads of coursework to do. The field trips where a scream though. When yo see him, ask Matt about the lady with the goat!

Anyway, where was I. Oh yes, hooray, we are back on with our trip to Portswana. Remember, the trip to help build the school? Well it is now safe to go and so we are offski. We have to go now because this is the only window when everyone can do it (that’ us, the council people, the South Sudasian government officials and the villagers of Portswana). Jeez, i’m glad I have not been organising this.

So this Thursday evening we are going to fly out from Heathrow to Sudu, the capital of South Sudasia (it is a real place..they have an Embassy and everything!). We are scheduled to arrive on the ground in Sudu airport at around 9.00UK time on Friday morning. I have to go and pack my kit so I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.

Wish us luck.



It’s weird to think that this time last year I was a fresher. Partly I’m pleased that I have been here for a year, met so many cool people and have made it to year two. Another part of me is sad that time is flying by so rapidly. I just know that I’ll soon be in my final year and it’ll all be over. Boo flippin hoo.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense, there’s lots to do. We need to crack on with nominating a new PUGS council team so if you want to be part of the organising committee for the best student society in Porthampton, put your name forward now. If you are a fresher, come and say hello and signup at the Freshers Fair in the Union building next Thu and Fri.

Out first big social is also next friday. It will, of course, be fancy dress. The theme is you have to come dressed as your favourite country. Matt was trying to get us to dress as our favourite geomorphological features – he said I could go as a pair of drumlins! I worry about Matt. Anyway, countries it is. Prize for the most outrageous costume. We are meeting in the main Union bar at 7.30.

Welcome back everyone. See you all soon.


Sad news for some of us. The trip to Portswana to build the School has been delayed. Apparently there are some “civil unrest” problems on the ground in South Sudasia and, would you believe, the Uni won’t insure us to go while this is the case. Arghhh ūüė¶

Oh well, I suppose it’s only a matter of time before things settle down and we can crack on. It’s really sad because I know that the Portswana village community are really looking forward to us getting out there to start the project. Politics!!!


Phew! Exams over with. Hangovers beginning to subside. It’s time to start thinking about the summer (ha – summer!). Some of us will be going home to bother our folks for a few months, others are staying put here in Porthampton and no doubt trying to get a job to pay the rent. How dull! Not for everyone though, oh no! A few lucky PUGS are soon to be winging their way to deepest, darkest Africa for a week to help the local people of Portswana build their new school. YAY – I’m going (sorry to gloat). It came about as a result of us raising so much money for this great cause earlier in the year. The local council were so impressed that they have paid for a few of us to go over and help with the project.

In order to make this democratic, we drew names of all of those who were interested in ging out of a hat a few days ago. You know who you are already but I thought I’d share the names of the lucky winners here so the rest of you can send them envy soaked hate mail:

  • Eleanor Smith (meeeeeeeeeee ūüôā
  • Rachel Li
  • Claire Conway
  • June McKellar
  • Ashley Mountain
  • Joseph Brashaw
  • Jas Dupali
  • Cirhan Parry

They won’t let us go alone so¬†Dr Keyat and Will Arthur are coming along to keep an eye on us (we think they are coming along for the party!).

Anyway, we will be arriving at Sudu airport on 11th July, travelling by truck to the village of Portswana, and staying for 7 nights, in which time we will help construct the new school building. Loads of updates and photos to follow.

I’m of to buy some hard boots and a brick layers trowel. See you all soon.



It has been a while since I posted anything on here – my bad! Would you¬†believe that we have all been madly busy with Uni work? We have, honestly! No…really!! Easter hols and coursework deadlines are looming so it really is head’s down for a while until it’s all out of the way.¬†

There will be a massive PUGS end of year party though in a few weeks (only 6 weeks to go!). Watch this space for details. Good luck with the exams.


WOW! WOW! WOW! Did I say WOW?

You are all amazing. Last week we did our charity events to raise money for our friends in Portswana (see this earlier post). We sold t-shirts and we played hockey for 24 hours (I think it’s fair to say we also did a fair amount of drinking to keep the motivation up!). The t-shirt sales went through the roof and luckily we made loads¬†because¬†they sold out ¬†by lunch time. We were also hugely lucky with sponsorship for the hockey match. You all managed to raise an amazing ¬£5,580 between you but then a mad thing happened. ¬†A local business man (who wants to remain anonymous) was visiting the University while we were playing. Claire and Fiona managed to work some sort of magic on him (I think the¬†lederhosen costumes helped)¬†because¬†before he left he promised to match any money we made¬†ourselves¬†on the day! True to his word he has written us a cheque for ¬£5,580 pounds – can you¬†believe¬†that? We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his amazing generosity. What a guy!!!

So now it’s time to reveal our total. Drum roll please………

PUGS have raised an incredible:



Thanks to everyone who helped and participated and everyone who donated money. We will be sending this to the people of Portswana to help them build a School.

I can’t wait ’til next year now.


Rob Brydon - nothing to do with us!

Rob Brydon – nothing to do with us!

Of course we are – that’s what PUGS do isn’t it? So what are you doing I hear you say. A few things to be honest (so the title of this post should have been “we are doing some funny things for money” if you want to be a pedant about it, please don’t be though or we’ll send Big Dave around to SORT YOU OUT!).

Before I tell you what we are doing I want to tell you who we are doing it for.

Last year Porthampton officially became twinned with a place called Portswana, which is a small village in the wilds of South Sudesia in the East African Rift Valley. The Uni have been quite actively involved with various things Portswana flavoured since then and we thought we’d like to get more involved too. There is a group out there called the Portswana Community Group who we have been in¬†discussion¬†with for some months now (have a look at their blog site which we helped them setup too). They are so amazing, really happy and friendly people which is incredible once you understand how hard life is out there for them.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, they need a new school desperately (the kids currently have lessons in the one and only teacher’s house). We are raising money, as part of red nose day, for this school.

So what are we doing? Two main things.

1. We are making and selling limited edition PUGS red nose t-shirts (this will of course feature our Brian the Pug logo with a red nose on it. We are nothing if not predictable!).

2. We are arranging a 24 hour hockey match between PUGS members and anyone who want’s to¬†challenge¬†us. This will of course be in fancy dress – our theme this year being countries of the world (we are¬†geography¬†students remember!). So, if you pick Denmark from the hat – you could come dressed as a piece of gouda cheese for example (I dare you!).

The t-shirts are ready for sale and will be distributed to members for selling to family and friends at next weeks meeting. The hockey match will happen on Red Nose Day itself, the 15th March. Sign-up and get your sponsorship forms from Elly or Claire (before they get too drunk) on Wednesday.

We need to make as much money as we can so please give all your help and support.